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Using Digital Media to Explore Wigan

Working with Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust, Creative Experts ran a series of workshops with Wigan Youth Council teaching digital skills & new technologies over a seven week project.

The group wanted to use these technologies to express how they felt about the Wigan area, its cultural offering, what the community offered to young people and how it could be improved. Skills that the group experimented and explored included:

- Digital Photgraphy – Exploring how photography can be used interesting, creative ways.  Then creating methods so it could be used to record and document opinions and thoughts and questions and answers.

- Film Prouction Basic introduction into

- Spoken Word & Sound Production – Learning about how to write creatively using unique techniques such as blackout poetry (example below) and then how creative writing can be performed digitally using a loop pedal and audio editing software.

The group focused on film production to achieve the aim of the project; creating a digital tool for the group to use, as a method of consultation, with other young people to explore and gain their thoughts on culture in their communities.

You can see the final video below.


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