Contact Young Company Blog - Week Six - What Does It Look Like?

Contact Young Company Blog - Week Six - What Does It Look Like?

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It’s the first week of intensive rehearsals, where did the time go? As it dawns on us all that There Is A Light: BRIGHTLIGHT premiers on Wed 8th March, there is a sudden and wonderful pressure building in the company; our creative energy is reaching bursting point. Thankfully this energy is being put to good use and whilst we've come so far in such a short time there is still more work to be done! With that in mind you’ll be unsurprised to read a much shorter blog post than usual.

The company welcomes back Director, Adura Onashile who has the task of developing, reshaping and expanding our work into an hour long performance. As a director, Adura has her own ideas, which could have easily been enforced. However, Adura wanted Contact Young Company to have ownership of what they create. The director could have come with a script and spent the next two weeks blocking and tweaking the show but, as she says, that’s not what this CYC show is about. This CYC show is about experiences of young people, research by young people created for young people, the performance should be the same.

We asked the company to tell us what they wanted; the subjects that most excited them about the research. The stories that they wanted to tell. What does the show feel like? What does it look like? How should the audience feel when they watch it? Well, there are twenty-two members in CYC this term, so you can imagine the scope and scale of suggestions that came flooding in; they could fill a football pitch.

So, because it would take too much time (and of course we wouldn’t want to give everything away) I’ll only share with you a couple of their thoughts. CYC want this show to be;

  • Simple, realistic and understandable. Not too complex.
  • Not toooo simplistic though.
  • Fast paced and magnetic with moments of clarity.
  • The audience should feel informed, entertained and enlightened.
  • There should be HUMOUR, lots of raucous relatable humour.
  • But also, cancer is NOT FUN! So it needs to show that sincerity too.
  • There should be an essence of ‘youngness’ to the show, a young vernacular - but it should reach all ages and communities.

When SICK! Festival opens this year, and you come to Contact to see There Is A Light: BRIGHTLIGHT (or if you’re going to join us on our tour) rest assured that you will see a simple, complex, seriously humorous, relatable, fast paced performance; a show with moments of clarity and sincerity which informs and enlightens its audience in a very entertaining way. 

Brilliant, now we know that we just have to put it all together, that’s the easy part right?

Stay tuned, buy tickets and we look forward to seeing you!


Mark (Assistant Director)


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