Excavating the Reno

Excavating the Reno

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Excavating The Reno is a new project by Linda Brogan, supported by Contact and Arts Council England. A Heritage Lottery Fund bid is in progress. Her partners are Manchester City Council, The University of Salford’s Archeological Department, Manchester Museum, and Tea Hive at Alexandra Park.

Here Linda sets the scene:

Beneath the grass on the corner of Moss Lane East and Princess Rd lies a famous Moss Side basement club: The Reno. A civilization, with its own monetary system, social structure, king and queen, all frustrated artists.

Wall-to-wall half-caste as we still prefer, the first born on mass in the 1950s. Stigmatized by the 1930s Fletcher Report: ‘‘Offspring of interracial alliances suffer from inherent physical and mental defects.’ Demolished 1986.

Before they build on it next year, I’m gonna:

Collect The Reno archive on a dedicated website, live on 17 October 2016:

—1971 The Rise Of The Flak Jackets

—1976 Women’s Lib [when I went down]

—1979 The Rise of The Safari Jacket

—1981 Fall to Civil Then Gang War

Fellow Reno goers are invited to attach their stories to the spine I write.

Each week, I podcast interview a relevant protagonist.

An online audience comment: impossible on Netflix.

1 March 2017 we’ll excavate the Reno.

Every screw, battered chair, strip of dance floor, now imbued with our epic story.

25 March 2017 we’ll blow ochre handprints onto its scared walls.

Stage a theatrical open night.

Seal it back up for people 300 years into the future to find us there.

Then make the lot into a documentary that rolls to our wicked soundtrack.

Archive and artifacts will be exhibited in Manchester Museum as a civilization.


Come and check out the website thereno.live

We're gonna blog Thurs, Fri, Sat night to a Reno playlist.

Podcast on a Sunday, you know, the weekend rundown.

Contact Linda on linda@lindabrogan.wanadoo.co.uk if you wanna get involved.

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