Reform Radio Get Arts Council Funding!

Reform Radio Get Arts Council Funding!

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Reform Radio would like to share the wonderful news we have just received with you all.

After a very long planning and application process full of deliberation and meetings with many talented and helpful people. A lot of guidance and support from our Future Fires Project Manager, Victoria Brown and Lucy Green, Contact’s Fundraising Manager. Reform Radio are so very proud to announce that we were successful in securing our Grants For The ArtsArts Council England bid.

We have signed on the dotted line and will officially be running the project, Harry, from September to December this year.

Reform Radio secured a place on the Future Fires programme in January this year. Contact’s Future Fires programme, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, supports young emerging artists to plan and deliver their own community arts outreach projects in Greater Manchester through a tailored programme of training, mentoring and support.

Reform Radio is an incorporated community interest company and has developed and delivered a successful pilot project which secured funding based on this model. Within the pilot the first episode of a comedy, radio sitcom was devised and developed called Harry, by two of our participants, Jack Egan and Mr Jac. The first episode was set up with the touching foresight and idea that future groups could then contribute to the following episodes in later projects. We felt Future Fires would put in place a structure, space and time to develop a project around Harry, offering it the legacy it deserved.

Radio’s newest star Harry is a young man, comfortable with his life that offers little risk. That is until he is fired and dumped. The series will follow the trials and tribulations of Harry, a young man trying to find work in the current economic climate.

The project aims to:

• Produce an industry standard radio play written by unemployed young people, supported by highly acclaimed writer Louise Wallwein

• Inspire younger audiences to engage with radio plays

• Develop new artistic and digital skills with young unemployed Mancunians

• Create opportunities for young unemployed people to engage and experience the arts

• Use creativity and the arts to raise awareness of youth unemployment

Partnering with The Men’s Room, Jump, The Booth Centre, The Job Centre Plus and similar groups, Harry will be informed by true stories of unemployment. The authentic element will create a powerful piece of work that is entertaining and accessible, encouraging all demographics to truly listen and be inspired.

We will expose participants to career paths within the arts, use our networks to support new relationships with other cultural organisations and develop digital skills relevant to working in the creative sector.

The project includes:

• An eight week creative writing and digital arts project

• A four week radio performance project

• Six bespoke consultation workshops

• Six recorded episodes of Harry

• One live performance of all episodes with an invited audience

The creative writing workshops will be delivered by Louise Wallwein, a talented facilitator and producer with a portfolio of respected, high quality artistic work. Her experience working with challenging groups to create artistic work with political undercurrents, fits our own vision of producing a respected piece of Manchester born radio.

If you would like to get involved in Harry in anyway please do not hesitate to get in touch at,, tweet us @ReformRadioMCR or call 07582194077. There are so many opportunities available within this project and we will offer more detailed information on how to get involved very soon.

For now though we would like to thank everyone for their continued support with all of projects and Arts Council England and Future Fires for making Harry a reality.

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