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So we’re now less than 2 weeks away from this year’s Lost & Found Festival. To try and spread the word we've been painting the town orange, pink and blue with our wonderful series of three posters, which have been creating quite a buzz on that there twitter.

The posters, which can be seen in the images at the bottom of the page, have been designed by the ridiculously talented boys over at DR.ME.

Meet our designers:

DR.ME is a collective based in Manchester made up of Ryan Doyle (DR) & Mark Edwards (ME). DR.ME work broadly and brutally across disciplines in Creative Direction, Layout Design, Illustration, Animation, Typography and Hand Made Design of both the 2-D and 3-D variety to try and create pieces that are equally unique, beautiful and compelling.

Each poster features a short piece of writing, specially commissioned for the festival, which were selected from over 200 submissions.

Meet our writers:

James Dillinger: Aged six and one half years I fought my first Mountain Gorilla. On my tenth birthday I expertly jerked a fully grown Bull Shark out of the water by its tail. Recently I am a writer, I am an illustrator and I am a collaborator on books, music and the like. // //

Anna Beverley: I am a female human of nineteen years of age, not quite fully formed with a way yet to go. My main preoccupations are filling notebooks and wasting times in places untravelled before (by me). I have no blog or website, but might one day so try not to forget my name.

Rosa Lia: Rosa Lia has recently finished her degree in Comparative Literature at King’s College London. At the moment she is helping out with Mellow9 Productions, which amongst other things, films spoken word with artists such as Dean Atta. She’s currently working on numerous writing projects, including a short children’s book. Her travel blog can be seen at

We’ve also got a lovely full page spread in the brand spanking new Contact brochure, which is jam packed with theatrical delights. We're on page 13, you can't miss us we're the page with the suited and booted duck running through Salford Quays! This image was captured by talented photographer Stuart Alexander Rees. We'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to Stuart as the image has been wrongly credited to Lani Irving, the equally talented mask maker and creator of WILDLIFE. Sorry Stuart and thanks for your wonderful image!!

Lost & Found 2012 is being supported by Contact, Arts Council England, Manchester City Council, Metrolink and 02 Think Bigger.

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poster 2 Poster Carpet poster


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