Day 1 of Lost & Found Festival 2012

Day 1 of Lost & Found Festival 2012

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It’s here, the official footage of Day 1 of Lost & Found Festival, filmed and edited by Albino Mosquito.

Introducing the Lost & Found Festival 2012 artists from Day 1:

Lisa Mattocks - presenting ‘Truth or Dare MCR’

Truth or Dare MCR is a collaboration between Lisa Mattocks (Pressure Collective) and Chelsea Davison

Lisa Mattocks is an independent theatre producer, freelance artist and project manager. She has toured extensively nationally and internationally, and has worked with Quarantine, Trace Theatre, Reckless Sleepers, Tim Etchells, Michael Pinchbeck, Flare Festival and Proto-type Theater. Lisa is the director of The Future - an artist led contemporary performance development agency which actively supports a collective of artists and makers. 

Chelsea Davison is a copywriter and performer based in New York City. Chelsea has a background in theatre, having studied acting at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, however, her current pursuits are focused on comedy and writing. Her work can be viewed on

 Rachael Gittens - presenting ‘Enclosure’

“No artist tolerates reality” – Nietzsche

Currently, my work is informed by the rather complimentary notions of the imagination and of transcendence. I am interested in producing artwork that not only transports the viewer to more fantastical, exhilarating environments, but that allows me, in the process of creating it, to be constantly inhabiting a state of pure creativity - to push my imagination and my experience of the world to the absolute limit, and to challenge the way the audience views their own world.

 Tuheen Huda – presenting ‘Panda Moments’

Doctor. Performer. Watcher.

Writer, actor and director, I qualified in Medicine in 2006. I worked my way to being an Intensive Care Registrar in a large teaching hospital in Manchester.

I have now taken a break from medicine to follow a dream. A dream of letting performance speak stories. I don't know where this path is taking me, but one day, I want to be able to look in the mirror and see the reflection of a man that took this chance.... and WON!

There are 2 upcoming shows. Firstly “What am I worth?” deals with the taboos and tantalising topics of organ donation..... a heartfelt journey demystifying the world of transplantation, showing at Contact as part of Manchester Science Festival 2012.

The second, Pandamonium, is about Pandas and sexual addiction, for perusal in January 2013 at Lowry Studio, Salford.

Pear Shape Productions – presenting Here Come The Brides

We are Catherine Boot and Mary Maw, and Pear Shape Productions is an emerging female theatre company, which creates work that tells true stories (some of which we make up), and blurs boundaries between the everyday and the someday...

We met whilst studying Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance at Circomedia in Bristol, where we discovered a shared love for street theatre, honest, humorous and sometimes tragic narratives, and pink wine.


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