Postcard From Afrovibes: George

Postcard From Afrovibes: George

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After the great vibes of the Afrovibes Festival launch party Contact’s audience were spoiled with a double bill performance of Inception and My Exile Is In My Head.

The first piece, Inception, was a very honest and beautifully mesmerizing piece of dance, and its symbolism combined with the music was harrowing in parts, and equally as passionate. The rawness of the emotions were conveyed excellently.  It was a very engaging and sensual performance; I didn't want to look away for a second.

The second performance, My Exile Is In My Head, was a veritable tour de force, and the musicality of the choreography was brilliant. A beautifully brutal and physically forceful dance, it was an emotionally truthful expression with no restrictions.

Thoroughly entertaining performances, the use of strong representational movement, lighting and instruments made these pieces that commanded my attention till the last minute.

George Oluyinka

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