Day 3 of Lost & Found Festival 2012

Day 3 of Lost & Found Festival 2012

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It’s here, the official footage of Day 3 of Lost & Found Festival, filmed and edited by Albino Mosquito.

Introducing the Lost & Found Festival 2012 artists from Day 3

First Floor – presenting ‘Our Front Room'

Taking part in Lost & Found gives us a unique platform to work closely with the public to explore transforming the audience into co-creator in our performance and bring our private space of the home into the public space of the city to connect personal and collective identity.”

First Floor Theatre engages audiences in the unexpected and explores identity & community through innovative visual storytelling, performance and multi-disciplined arts projects.  First Floor’s work aims to promote cross-cultural dialogue and community cohesion and connect with people who potentially feel excluded from theatre and the arts.

Our Front Room at Lost & Found Festival makes up a vital part of First Floor Theatre’s larger research & development project supported by New Art Exchange’s EXPERImentor programme.   New Art Exchange, Nottingham is the largest venue outside London dedicated to BME arts. Our Front Room explores memory, family histories, rediscovering lost stories and putting together the pieces of our identity. The piece explores. Our Front Room will be shown at New Art Exchange, Nottingham on 22nd November 2012.  First Floor Theatre are also pleased to be mentored on this project by acclaimed writer, live artist and performance maker, Michael Pinchbeck.

First Floor Theatre are co-Artistic Directors Alison Garner and Rachael Young and associate artists Dwayne Simms and Honey Williams.

Albino Mosquito - presenting ‘Fantastic Planet’

AlbinoMosquito™ are a video production company that offers a bespoke creative service to its clients.We have our own wide and diverse artistic practice. Our ongoing explorations of visual expression are reflected in our broad range of cutting edge services.

AlbinoMosquito is a visual arts collective which was started in Manchester (UK) 2002. Founders Richard Ramchurn (painter), Rachel Livingstone (sculptor) and Jonathon McGrath (playwright) set up AlbinoMosquito as a series of exhibitions to showcase Manchester artists. People moved on, followed their own career path. Richard kept the name alive by VJing, directing music videos and running an electronica night. In early 2010 Mauro Camal joined forces to relaunch AlbinoMosquito as a fully fledged production company. Now Albino Mosquito has grown to a 4 person strong team, including Digital Artist, Maria Alvarez Martinez, and Social Media Manager, Joanne Fountain.

Lost & Found Photography by Sam Ryley.

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