Wizarding the UK

Wizarding the UK

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Here we are, nearing the end of our first ever WIZARD tour... blimey blimey blimey...

Our week in Manchester was just phenominal. Thank you all the wonderful folk in Manchester who came to support us! Director Martin 'Visceral' Stannage, Producer Chris Jones, Techie Benny jo Zahl, actor Ben Jewell and me all feel so passionately about what this show is about. As much as we enjoy the jokes and humour of the piece, the core themes of friendship and destigmatising struggles with mental health are things all our team have very strong feelings on. We're all hugely proud of this show and to get not only such a huge turn out in our hometown but such fantastic responses means the world to us. Magic!!

Contact were, as always, a joy to work with so a big thank you from all of us for supporting this show from the roots up and getting to a point where we are now on tour!

Our first port of call has actually been guesting at a pre-existing poetry night- Write Angle in Petersfield. Coming to an established, regular event was a marketing dream (full capacity gig!!) and the crowd were so appreciative of our stuff. The organisers, Jake and Leah, have already booked me for a follow-up set April 2013! Zoop zoop!

A review of Wizard at Write Angle can be seen here http://www.lifemags.co.uk/news/Dominic-Berry-provides-a-new-slant-to-Write-Angle/1224/

London's Cockpit was our next tour venue and our first where we were not being part of a pre-existing event. We were all thrilled at the chance to perform in a central London venue and the Cockpit staff could not have made us feel more welcomed, Artistic Director Dave Wybrow and his gang were so enthusiastic about our project so it was disappointing we did not get the full capacity turn out we'd enjoyed at other spaces. That said, our two nights in London were amazing as the audiences we got truly engaged with Wizard, the conversations held after the show were deep and empassioned and went on well intot he night! The Cockpit are having a festival of works exploring mental health later this year and we have been invited back to be part of that. Hopefully news of how well Wizard was received will spread and I am optimistic we'll get good numbers on our return trip.

Two reviews of Wizard in London can be seen here:

by Mark Niel http://pawhouseboy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/review-wizard-by-dominic-berry.html

by Write Out Loud's Greg Freeman http://www.writeoutloud.net/public/blogentry.php?blogentryid=29217

Our most recent stop off was The ACE Centre in Nelson where we not only performed Wizard but, supported by Arts on Prescription, I co-ordinated a workshop on creative writing and confidence in performance. This was with a group of fantastic attendees, many of whom where incredibly brave and honest in bringing their own deeply honest life stories to the group. Every single person wrote and read some great new poetry, I was so proud to be part of such a strong and sparky group, and it was a joy to be invited back to produce further work at The ACE Centre. For all our seriousness, we all had such a laugh too, it was great! The show went down a storm and a very happy but tired crew got back on the bus to return home to Manchester.

One tour date remains, Oxford University this coming Thursday night!! Due to many changes in Wizard's existence this will actually be a solo performance of the piece, a challenge I am particularly excited about meeting (though i will miss Ben Jewell's warmth and wit like mad!)

If you can get to the Corpus Christi Campus this Thursday for 7.30 please do, tickets are £7/5 and available at the door.

There is a facebook event for the Oxford University show here http://www.facebook.com/events/234537823314768/

So, despite ups and downs in audience sizes, we are made up with how well everything has gone. I want to say a big heartfelt thankyou to all my Wizard team and every person who has helped us on any step of our way. Love and light to you all!

Come see Wizard in Oxford!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be,





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