24 Arty People: Artists 21-24

24 Arty People: Artists 21-24

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“I’ve always loved being a part of theatre, mainly because it gives me the opportunity to not only push myself in every aspect possible, but to vent out a lot of anger, but to be able do 24 hours of theatre? Only 2 words to say “Challenge accepted” Jamal Abel Lewis-Service

Last and by no means least, the final four artists to be taking part in 24 Arty people...

Claire Cousins 

I have just finished the second year of my BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation course at Manchester Metropolitan University. I'd describe my art style as fluid, decorative and a bit dreamy with a dark understone rearing its head from time to time. I work mostly with pens, from detailed moleskin fine line drawings, to poster sized marker pen drawings and have enjoyed working straight onto walls with Indian ink as my tool of choice. I'm very interested in street art and Manchester has a fair amount of that to keep my eyes happy. 


Alex Moran

Alex graduated in 2010 from University with a First Class Acting Degree and the Jane Horrock’s award for outstanding achievement.  Touring one man show ‘Tales From The Blackjack’ soon after and winning three awards, most notably a Buxton Fringe best actor award and a Manchester Evening News Theatre Award for best performance in a studio production. From 2011 - 2012 Alex toured nationally and to London with Volcano Theatre in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and appeared in Proper Job Theatre’s ‘Scrooge’ at the MET in Bury, he most recently performed as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in ‘Hyde’ with Thunder Road, his own theatre company.


Jamal Abel Lewis-Service

Jamal is no stranger to either Contact or unorthodox theatrical practices, his accomplishments over the past 5 years include being in Contact Young Actors Company, Competing in and winning multiple Freestyle Pyramid competitions, being a core member of Contact Playback and representing Contact as part of Contacting the World in 2010. Jamal’s take on Theatre and the Arts in his words are quite similar to Bruce Lee’s philosophy of Fighting. In the sense taking the very best from every discipline in order to form new theatre. Up for anything creative, Jamal seeks to a new challenge in 24 Arty people.

Rhys Lewis

Rhys is a songwriter and musician from London currently studying a Degree in Music at the London Centre Of Contemporary Music. Whilst studying, Rhys formed and started performing with his band, Rhys Lewis & The Relics. As well as gigging a self-penned set around London with the band, Rhys also writes and performs music for theatre. Rhys is the Associate Musical Director of both SQUINT and Ravenrock theatre companies.  



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Claire Cousins Alex Moran Jamal Abel Lewis-Service Rhys Lewis
Claire Cousins Alex Moran Jamal Abel Lewis-Service Rhys Lewis


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