Wizard casts a freeze spell....

Wizard casts a freeze spell....

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"Our first tour is complete! Manchester, Petersfield, London, Nelson and Oxford, thank you all for your hospitality and support!

In case you haven't seen, I'll post some of the wonderful reviews of our 'Wizard' show at the end of this blog. The reaction we've had on tour has been overwhelming. My only disappointment is that, for all the enthusiasm we got from those who came, it was so, so hard to market a first show by an unknown company outside our hometown. All who came to see the show were so appreciative but it is my hope that for tour #2 we can get more people aware of our work. I guess we were spolied by such a huge turn out in Manchester, and I know expecting to duplicate that success in places we're new to is a little idealistic, but now we have started to build new networks nationwide that's what I want to do!

I am dead grateful to the marvellous Mr Chris Jones for all his hard work and am going to keep working with him on a couple of other projects I've got going on, but for tour #2 of 'Wizard' I'm going to be looking to hire a Producer with greater experience of booking national tours and marketing to places where the cast are not yet known. I'll post that job ad here on Contact's blog and funding applications for tour #2 can begin.

For now, 'Wizard' casts a freeze spell and goes into stasis... though not for long I hope! I've had the chance to watch Albino Mosquito's brilliant film of our full capacity Saturday night in Manchester and its got me buzzing to perform the show again!

Tour #2 Producer job spec will follow. For now, as promised, here are our reviews of this tour of 'Wizard' - fantastic!"

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