Contacting the World is almost here!

Contacting the World is almost here!

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Not long to go now!

We are all very excited about the start of Contacting the World 2012 on Tuesday the 10th of July at Contact!.

There are lots of performances, events and workshops happening across the week including performances from CYAC, Yard Youth Theatre, Boundless Productions, Arts-In-Action Wordsmiths, 20 Stories High and Moradokmai Theatre Community

We are very excited to have local schools coming to Contact to work with the companies involved in Contacting the World 2012 and for everyone to be involved in creating and sharing inspiring theatre work!

We will updating our Twitter page with Instagram photos and comments throughout the week so be sure to keep your eyes pealed to see what is happening over the week and anyone can be part of the conversation by using the hashtag: #ctwmcr2012.

Unfortunately our friends Crown Troupe won't be able to make it to Contacting the World 2012. Due to issues which are outside of the festival's control, the company won't be coming to Manchester. We are all very saddened by the news but we want to make sure that Crown Troupe will be represented as much as possible next week and make them as much part of the festival as we can!

 To get the latest updates read the Contacting the World blog here

To learn more about the companies and to book tickets click here

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