Episode 3 of CountryBoy's Struggle Online is released on The Space!

Episode 3 of CountryBoy's Struggle Online is released on The Space!

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Episode 3 of CountryBoy's Struggle has arrived on The Space today!

You can watch this week's episode and find out more about the series by clicking here:


On a post rave come down...

Aged 20 and still living at home, Michael and his dad argue over his dreams of being an MC and putting on a night at Joker's FunPub in Bude, Cornwall, putting a mixtape together and moving to London.

Michael takes to cliffs of Cornwall in search of answers to his many questions, but luckily MC's Vision and Tony Salmon, his spiritual guides are there to urge him to move to London and follow his dreams.

Michael moves into a house share he found on Gumtree in Hackney Central and his London adventure begins!

You can keep up to speed with all the latest happenings from the series and contribute the discussions around the series by going to our Twitter page: @CBScontactmcr and using the hashtag: #countryboysstruggle

Enjoy the episode!

Marcus (CountryBoy's Struggle Social Media Promoter)

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