Contacting the World 2012: The Madness Begins

Contacting the World 2012: The Madness Begins

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Its Day 3 of Contacting the World and the festival is full swing!

This week has been a week of firsts from a first Yoga session for staff members, first visits to the UK, first visits to Contact Theatre. In between of all of this we have had improvised jamming sessions, an open mic session, Hip-hop Theatre and Spoken Word.

The energy and atmosphere in Contact this week has been truly incredible with creativity bursting out of every room and in every available space.

By mid Monday morning everyone had arrived at Contact to register and collect information for the week, we had a lovely group meal on Monday evening in Space 2, after a manic dancing session on the stage in Space 1 after all the Contact staff were asked on stage to introduce themselves...

Tuesday evening was the official start of Contacting the World with incredible performances by Poetry Parnassus on Tour and Contacting the World alumni First Wave Hip Hop Ensemble. Both shows received standing ovations and the roof almost came off Space 1 with the amount of noise made by the audience!

All the shows from the festival will be available to watch in HD here:

Tuesday evening finished with an incredible open mic session held by Baba Israel in Space 5, with all the companies involved in Contacting the World performing new work, freestyles and spoken world including a full group performance by Moradokmai Theatre Community, Boundless Productions members singing and freestyling all accompanied by lots and lots of noise and appreciation. It was the world being brought together by any and every form of creative expresssion.

Sound crazy? That's because it is and its only Wednesday, we have 4 more days of Contacting the World! For all the latest updates on the whole festival including pictures from our Instagram feed follow Contacting the World on Twitter

@contactingtheworld and the hashtag: #ctwmcr2012  

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