CountryBoy's Struggle: Online Series Recap

CountryBoy's Struggle: Online Series Recap

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We are half way through 'CountryBoy's Struggle: Online' as part of The Space and here is a round up of what has happened so far in the series:

'CountryBoy's Struggle: Online' is a 10 part web series created for The Space that follows the life of Michael Crompton (@countryBoyMC) on Twitter, in his quest to become a Hip Hop MC as he moves from his home in Cornwall to the streets of London.

'CountryBoy's Struggle: Online' is directed by Contact's Artistic Director Baba Israel (@babaisrael) and Richard Ramchurn of AlbinoMosquito (@AlbinoMosquito)

You can keep up to date with everything in the series and all the conversations by going to the CountryBoy's Struggle Twitter page:

@CBScontacmr and use the hashtag: #CountryBoysStruggle

What is The Space?

The Space is an on – demand arts service avaialble on computer, tablet, smartphone or internet connected TV, you can watch a variety of performances, live events and rare archives, all available for free at:

Episode One:

Michael Crompton (CountryBoyMC) tells us about growing up in Cornwall, listening to Mark Goodier and trying to record the Top 40 and going to the arcade with Harry, Simon and Mikey P. Michael isn't happy though, half the town shuts down in winter and he starts to make raps for his school friends who are more interested in Right Said Fred and Take That. Michael tell us about a rave where he met a girl called Lucy from very far away...Ipswitch.

Episode Two:

15 year old Michael meets a girl under the moonlight sky at a teenage rave on the cliffs in Cornwall.

Episode Three:

After an argument with his dad about his aspirations of putting a night on at 'The Joker's Fun Pub' and moving to London, Michael finds help and guidance from MC's Vision and Tony Salmon and starts off on his quest to London.

Episode Four:

Michael arrives in London and tours the sights of Big Ben, the busy Tube, The Metropolitan police, CCTV Cameras, rapping pigeons, skaters on the SouthBank, Beefeaters, actors in the West-End, Tottenham football fans and Piccadilly Circus.

Episode Five:

Michael is taken to his new flat on Shackleton Lane which he found on Gumtree by a local called Darren. On arrival at Shackleton Lane, he meets his new flatmates: Quentin, Brian the plumber and Peter a 'baseline technicanr' music producer.

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