Episode 5 of CountryBoy's Struggle Online is released on The Space!

Episode 5 of CountryBoy's Struggle Online is released on The Space!

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Episode 5 of CountryBoy's Struggle Online is released today:


After being shown to his flat in Shackleton Lane in London by a local youth called Darren, Michael Crompton (@countryboymc) meets his new flatmates at the flat share he found on Gumtree.

First up is Quentin a specialist tea drinker, followed by Brian the plumber and Peter the 'BassHunter' a music producer obsessed with creating bass heaving tracks. Peter shows Michael his decks and plays him a few tracks he has been working on to which Michael responds with some lyrics he has been working on...

Of course you can contribute with your thoughts on the series, maybe what your experiences of flat sharing have been or what you think of Peter's bass heavy tracks by going to the CountryBoy's Struggle Online Twitter page: @CBScontactrmcr and using the hashtag: #CountryBoysStruggle

Where will Michael be next week? Will he have been able to secure some work or he will still be trying to get to know his flatmates?

Enjoy the episode!

Marcus (CountryBoy's Struggle Social Media Promoter)

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