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We have just completed Weeks 3 and 4 have been working on building a group feeling... Whilst playing The Game of course!

Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-Yaaaaaaah! Ninja Tag - now becoming a firm favourite among the group - has further developments! Now comes with exciting death face-off add-on!

Finding the most powerful place in the room, and telling everyone why it's the most powerful place in the room. Apparently they only speak the Queen's English in the most power place in the room, "yah, yah".

I feel... How would you feel about doing a scene whereby the only thing you can say is how you feel. And you have to tell the truth!

We also got to partake in our favourite activity! Dancing (if you can call it that!) to Tom Hogan's 'eclectic' (if you can call it that!) range of music! (And ABC by Jackson 5).

We also played an ACE game of dropping people in it!

"And now we have Professor Stroopenwafflez who will be delivering a lecture on....... radioactive dust. Over to you"

Don't feel bad though, Professor Stroopenwafflez had a panel of experts up there with them, who they could call upon at any given opportunity, isn't that right Dr Martenfranz?. (You get the gist.)

Generally speaking, The Games are loads of fun, but some of them are really tough.

There is The Game of coming out on stage and doing something. Something must be entertaining, not premeditated, and when doing the exercise in a group, everyone needs to be playing the same game as a group. Without discussing it. Just play The Game.

And when The Game isn't working, or isn't entertaining the audience then the performers get told to go away.


We paid each other a meaningful compliment after this, to soften the blow.

What I will say though, is as tough as The Game is, the general consensus within the group is that they know when it isn't working. The thing they need to figure out is what to do when The Game isn't working...

Catch up with us next week to see how they get on!



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